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Letter to an Army Officer

I don’t agree with the projection of U.S. force abroad. I believe I can be safe without it. I never asked for a world “kept safe” by the U.S. military, and as such, I don’t feel the need to thank … Continue reading

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We’re All Prostitutes

Why do we make such a big deal about prostitution? Certainly, good arguments can be made about the exploitation that accompanies prostitution. To quote a recent article, “Many girls are forced into prostitution to repay sums ranging from €5,000 ($6,100) … Continue reading

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Against Perverting our Universities

Judging from stories in the media, universities are facing a crisis. Certainly there is a severe and pressing problem with the dual challenge of skyrocketing tuition and an inability to find a job after graduation. Today’s great lie is: get … Continue reading

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Forget Utopia?

This author, when pressed, might admit to being a communitarian anarchist (like a libertarian, but with a communitarian instead of an individualist slant). A society organized under such principles would consist in a group of people living communally, with each … Continue reading

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