Letter to an Army Officer

I don’t agree with the projection of U.S. force abroad. I believe I can be safe without it. I never asked for a world “kept safe” by the U.S. military, and as such, I don’t feel the need to thank anybody for it. I don’t feel compelled to “support our troops” since at the end of the day, I disagree with the policies the troops are enforcing.

I’m sure you disagree in the strongest possible terms with everything I’ve said.

In the week I was able to spend with you I learned much about the military and about you. I saw how effective military organization can be. Civilian life is inferior in many ways and we have much we should learn about discipline, duty, sacrifice, and honor.  More importantly, I came to see you as a person. I quickly came to respect you as one of the most professional, courteous, capable, and helpful people I have met. You are a loving father. You have suffered loss and heartache on the battlefield; I can’t imagine what that is like. I respect you, wish you a long, fulfilling life, and hope you stay out of harm’s way.

I do disagree with the politics of what you do, but I’m realizing it’s important to see the humanity in everyone (even those you may have to kill on the battlefield). If these ideas seem half-baked it’s because they are. This experience has made me see the world from an eye-opening perspective; I’m still trying to make sense of it all.

Best of luck to you and yours.

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