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Amazing Animation of Atmospheric CO2

An amazing animation of atmospheric CO2 data: More information at Advertisements

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Prop 30: It’s time for us to pay up

Our schools and universities need our support.  If you were taught in California’s public education system, and if you value what this education has given you, vote yes on Prop 30. It’s time to pay back our community for our … Continue reading

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Neo and the Modern University

Modern technology is rendering the brick-and mortar university obsolete says John Uebersax: Consider the following. For any given subject (e.g., Psychology 101), there are, in any semester, hundreds of lecturers delivering the course worldwide. The quality of the lecturers will … Continue reading

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Hey Crazy Bike Person, Behave Yourself!

Drivers don’t get cyclists. Most people stopped riding bikes as kids, if they ever learned at all, and they never used bikes to do adult stuff like commuting or running errands. Cyclists on the road are the Other – different … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Freedom

“Freedom” is meaningless.  It’s up there with “terrorism” and “democracy” – words that have a high emotional impact and, when we look deeply, are like the emperor’s clothes – not really there in substance.  Most of us probably agree that we … Continue reading

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