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The slippery slope of same-sex marriage

In the recent November election, three U.S. states approved same sex-marriage. So begins the slippery slope to polygamy, incest, and bestiality. If we loosen the restrictions on marriage, who’s to say what will be permitted next?! Is the question absurd? … Continue reading

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The Job Creator Myth

Today we look at another popular myth: that business owners are job creators. This myth says that we ought to be thankful to business owners for creating all the jobs that sustain us; without capitalists we would be lost.  The … Continue reading

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The Camera Throngs

They were everywhere, clogging the walkway as they stopped to take out their fancy cameras and compact camera phones to snap the same, identical shot of a Gothic church. Ksenos pushed his way through them, like a salmon swimming up a river … Continue reading

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