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An argument for gun control (Part I)

In an earlier post I argued that the numbers (yearly deaths by firearm) don’t make a strong case for gun control. Compared to other causes of death, there just aren’t that many people who die from firearm violence. Still, after … Continue reading

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How not to argue for gun control

The Sandy Hook shootings were brutal; the gun control debate has reignited. I tried to make some sense of the debate by looking at the numbers involved, but it didn’t work out well. The numbers simply don’t provide a compelling … Continue reading

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I just don’t understand

If this blog has a purpose it’s to try to make some sense of this odd, complex world we live in. Sometimes it seems like I’m making little bits of progress. And then somebody shoots up a school full of … Continue reading

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Living without CO2 in a Prius

Sometimes you are wandering happily into the local bookstore, when a blog post just punches you in the face. For me it was the personalized license plate I saw on a Toyota Prius: For people unfamiliar with bizarre American practices, … Continue reading

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College education for everyone?

Wanting college for everyone (the way we do college in the U.S.A.) is somewhere between pointless and unfair. On the face of it, universal college education seems sensible and noble. It is sensible because better educated people earn more income. … Continue reading

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