I just don’t understand

If this blog has a purpose it’s to try to make some sense of this odd, complex world we live in. Sometimes it seems like I’m making little bits of progress. And then somebody shoots up a school full of children.

I wish the word “senseless” had never been used before, so it would be better at describing today. How can we even pretend that we’ll be able to understand. How can we ever fool ourselves into thinking that our world is comprehensible?

Perhaps the world is more about coping than it is about understanding. But how do we cope? How does a parent cope with the idea that their child may be gunned down tomorrow? Perhaps the lesson is that we will, someday, experience something that completely devastates us. We’ll never be able to predict what or when, but we can be sure it will happen. The person closest to you could die in a car wreck coming home tonight. But we need loved ones and we need to risk losing them; we can’t draw away out of fear. We need to give ourselves completely and unceasingly, oblivious to the possibilities.

If I draw a lesson from this it’s to love your people each day as best you can and let them know. Smile, hug them and kiss them.  Spend time with them. Cherish them. If the incomprehensible happens, you’ll know you’ve done everything in your power to live life as it should be lived. You will be destroyed, but you will persevere.

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