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The MOOC takeover?

Massive, Open, Online Courses (or MOOCs) are the new big thing in higher education, making waves in the media, legislature, and the blogosphere (including two blogs that this blog follows: satyagraha and unemployedphilosopher). How will this disruptive innovation transform universities? MOOCs (rhyme … Continue reading

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Be my athlete, I’ll be your coach (a letter to my students)

Last week, one of your classmates asked me to delay his final exam by a day. He just needed more time to study. “The customer is always right,” he pleaded, as if I were selling televisions. While I know that … Continue reading

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College education for everyone?

Wanting college for everyone (the way we do college in the U.S.A.) is somewhere between pointless and unfair. On the face of it, universal college education seems sensible and noble. It is sensible because better educated people earn more income. … Continue reading

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Prop 30: It’s time for us to pay up

Our schools and universities need our support.  If you were taught in California’s public education system, and if you value what this education has given you, vote yes on Prop 30. It’s time to pay back our community for our … Continue reading

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Neo and the Modern University

Modern technology is rendering the brick-and mortar university obsolete says John Uebersax: Consider the following. For any given subject (e.g., Psychology 101), there are, in any semester, hundreds of lecturers delivering the course worldwide. The quality of the lecturers will … Continue reading

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Against Perverting our Universities

Judging from stories in the media, universities are facing a crisis. Certainly there is a severe and pressing problem with the dual challenge of skyrocketing tuition and an inability to find a job after graduation. Today’s great lie is: get … Continue reading

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