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On Gun Control (Part III): The Numbers Behind Self-Defense

One of the main arguments against gun control is that people use guns defensively to fight crime, so guns offer a net benefit to society. Reducing or banning guns will actually increase crime. Let’s investigate the numbers surrounding this argument. Violent crime rates: … Continue reading

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An Argument for Gun Control (Part II): Self-Defense

Opponents of gun control often argue that gun ownership is a right that follows from the right of self-defense. In this article I argue that this argument is logically tenuous. After this I examine effective self-defense and argue that while gun ownership … Continue reading

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An argument for gun control (Part I)

In an earlier post I argued that the numbers (yearly deaths by firearm) don’t make a strong case for gun control. Compared to other causes of death, there just aren’t that many people who die from firearm violence. Still, after … Continue reading

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How not to argue for gun control

The Sandy Hook shootings were brutal; the gun control debate has reignited. I tried to make some sense of the debate by looking at the numbers involved, but it didn’t work out well. The numbers simply don’t provide a compelling … Continue reading

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